ROWE MINERALÖLWERK GMBH is a continuous growing producer of lubricants located in Worms / Germany. Its product range includes motor oils, gear and hydraulic oils, industrial lubricants, metal working fluids, bio lubricants, radiator and windshield anticorrosions/freezes, greases and various car care products. New products are developed in the in-house laboratory while existing products are regularly calibrated to a high standard of quality. High-quality products, short delivery times and flexible actions make the company a recognized partner for large customers worldwide.
Since 2016, ROWE has been increasingly contributing to CO2-compensation and, as one of the first companies in Germany, ROWE offers its customers climate-compensated lubricants. As a result, ROWE is not only an advance company, but also a role model for other companies.

ROWE Motor Oil & Rowe Racing